Conflict Free. Tenant Only.

Unbiased Objective Client Representation.

Representing Commercial Tenants & Buyers with

No Conflict of Interest

We pride ourselves on breaking the traditional real estate model and delivering completely transparent service and solution-focused workplace strategies to our clients. What does it mean to be transparent? It means a zero conflict of interest and a dedication to solely representing our clients.

Imagine hiring a lawyer to defend you in a civil case only to discover he’s also representing the plaintiff. Sounds absurd? It’s not too different from the situation tenants often find themselves in when they’re looking to find new space or renegotiate their existing lease. Many of the companies charged with finding the best deals for tenants are also the same companies representing landlords. Sure, they may try to reassure their tenant clients that there’s no conflict of interest. But honestly, it’s hard to be objective when you represent both sides at the bargaining table. That’s how tenant-only representation was born. We saw the need for true tenant advocacy, free from divided loyalties, and tenacious in pursuit of the best deals for tenants.


How we are Compensated

Virtually every lease deal has built into it a commission pool for the brokers involved in the transaction. The landlord funds this commission pool. If the tenant is not represented by a broker, the landlord’s listing agent generally claims the entire commission. If the tenant is represented, the listing agent shares this commission pool with the tenant’s broker. Typically, going without representation simply results in a larger commission for the landlord’s agent, not a reduction in rate. In fact, without independent representation by someone who knows market rates and has the knowledge to negotiate on a tenant’s behalf, a tenant often sees an increase in rate.