Conflict Free. Tenant Only.

Unbiased, Objective Client Representation.

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Representing Commercial Tenants & Buyers with

No Conflict of Interest

We are the largest commercial real estate firm in the Austin market that only represents tenants and buyers. What does that mean? It means every other commercial real estate firm also represents landlords, and they have a fiduciary duty to represent their pools of landlords and owners as well as you, the tenant or buyer. Implicit bias is a real thing, and there will always be a pull for them to provide the landlord or owner with their best representation of them and their interests. These landlords and owners represent repeat business for these commercial real estate firms, while tenant and owner transactions only come back at the end of their lease term, if at all. Where do you think their loyalties lie? 

We pride ourselves on breaking the traditional real estate model and delivering completely transparent service and solution-focused workplace strategies to our clients. What does it mean to be transparent? It means a zero conflict of interest and a dedication to solely representing our clients. This is how our tenant and buyer-only representation mission was born. We saw the need for true tenant and buyer advocacy, free from divided loyalties, and tenacious in pursuit of the best deals for tenants and buyers.

The crown represents our clients. For us, “Tenants are King” because AOS exclusively represents tenants and buyers, never landlords. As your appointed advisor we serve you as the “hand of the king” providing the analysis, advice, and next best action – making your office space decisions easy.


Infinite Loop Communication.

Our Clients Stay Informed.

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Representing Commercial Tenants & Buyers with

Infinite Loop Communication

Our goal is to leave everyone fully informed and taken care of. Too often in the brokerage community brokers forget that it is the buyer or tenant that is the client. But again, most firms also represent the other side of the house. We strive to provide top-notch service to all our clients and always close the loop with our counterparts. We promise that our communication is both frequent and with a quality follow-through.  Our clients deserve to understand the process and where they are in the transaction. We always have time to inform and shepherd the process along and it is through this commitment to service that we avoid the common transactional pitfalls.

The loop represents Infinite Loop Communication. It’s our commitment to relentless service – always keeping you in the loop – leaving you fully informed, prepared, and taken care of throughout the process.

Experience in the Austin Market. A Proven Method.

Our Well-Developed Processes Keep the Transaction Running Smoothly.

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Representing Commercial Tenants & Buyers with

the AOS Process

We have only ever represented the Austin market. We know this city inside and out and have been fortunate to have served the Austin market for over 25 years. We’ve seen its growth and have been there along with way, shepherding our clients through this ever-changing and ever-expanding market. Over the years, we’ve developed best-in-class services and learned a thing or two about negotiating with prevailing landlords. Our goal is to impart this knowledge to each of our clients, giving them a smooth transaction at the best rates.

The jewel represents our AOS process – each facet has been polished and perfected through our 25 years of experience and is leveraged by our team with the 6 steps, checklists, and reminders to help guide you smoothly through your office search, negotiation, and move-in.


Tenant and Buyer Representation fees are generally paid by landlords and property owners at market rate commissions, which are contingency-based. We do not require a retainer, and we do not charge our clients hourly fees. Our fees are market driven and consistent across all building alternatives, and we only get paid when we successfully complete a transaction for our client.